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Lean Manufacturing Infographics

5 of the MOST shared Lean Manufacturing Infographics   Easy Reference Lean Manufacturing Tools Two great infographics, listing Lean Manufacturing Tools with an explanation of their purpose and use.  Use them for quick reference and as a memory jogger, print them out and stick them on the walls where you create you Lean Manufacturing ideas and plans.    32 Essential Lean Manufacturing Tools   32 Essential Lean Manufacturing Tools [infographic]   5 Necessary Lean Manufacturing Tools By…

Lean Manufacturing - The Toyota Philosophy in Under 4 Mins

Lean Manufacturing The Toyota Philosophy in Under 4 Mins.     A clear and concise video on Lean Manufacturing - 14 Principles of The Toyota Way.  By Lean Lab The video presents the principles with imagery and text, facilitating fast and easy recall.  When taken to heart the lean principles presented in this short video will give you the philosophy as a whole and help prevent you from getting fixated with the numerous tools of lean. The Lean tools are only useful if applied in the correct…

25 Years

Celebrating 25 years of success and looking forward to 25 more: Managing Director Kevin Goodchild shares his thoughts on our journey so far and the challenges that lie ahead. How do we prepare for our future?

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