Lean Manufacturing

The Toyota Philosophy in Under 4 Mins.



A clear and concise video on Lean Manufacturing

- 14 Principles of The Toyota Way. 

By Lean Lab

The video presents the principles with imagery and text, facilitating fast and easy recall.  When taken to heart the lean principles presented in this short video will give you the philosophy as a whole and help prevent you from getting fixated with the numerous tools of lean.

The Lean tools are only useful if applied in the correct situations, not just because it’s the latest buzzword of your company or that more people are trained in a specific tool.  What I mean by this is say Kaizen is the latest tool or buzzword in your company, what usually happens is that people only want to hear about the progress being made with Kaizen events.  So, the person responsible for driving lean improvements starts receiving pressure to use the tool which the company has paid for to get results.

What can happen next is running a Kaizen event which is at best, ineffective and at worse, flow disrupting.  This, in turn, undermines the usefulness of lean manufacturing and makes the process of getting people on board difficult.

Lean Manufacturing is definitely a “Top Down” process, and when applied systematically is able to make even the most bloated organisation, leaner.



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